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I’m currently in Munich with a friend, we wanted to practice our German and discover this city. So far I’ve been very impressed, Munich is very cute and has a lot of charm. Everything is in the details, small streets with pretty shops, lots of breathtaking churches and an elaborate architecture all over.

We decided to visit the English Garden where there is the famous beer garden and lots of other sightseeing spots as you can see in the pictures. If you want to have a bit of a stroll and maybe enjoy the sun with some nature around you, I would definitely passing by the English Garden.

I wore a jeans skirt with a bardot top. I have been loving bardot tops for this summer as I find them very feminine and great to keep cool. I paired the whole outfit with some platform white trainers to keep the look blue and white from the top.




For this look I decided to go with a biker vintage style. It is by far my most favourite way to dress, I feel so confident when I’m rocking distressed denim and leather. I think this kind of look gives so much attitude and character, which is exactly what I like.

Since the weather is getting a bit warmer in London I wore some vintage Levis short which I found for 20£ in Shoreditch, great bargain and they fit like a dream, the back has the classic vintage levis look and they elongate your legs! I then paired it with a strappy cropped black top to really show up the shorts and they way they are cut. Since they are high waisted you don’t feel too exposed and they are incredible flattering on the stomach area.

What is a biker look without a leather jacket? This one has a buckle which makes it look even better, it makes that smooth clingy sound when you walk, which a I adore. I feel like such a badass haha.

The shoes are ankle boots with tones of studs. I think there is not one day where I wore these shoes and didn’t get a compliment. It is such a great purchase because they are a statement in themselves but this are also extremely comfortable. You can wear them in winter like in summer. I love wearing ankle boots with summer dresses or shorts.

Photographer: Stephanie Page

Website: www.stephanie-page.come

Instagram: @stephaniepage_photography




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