I stayed in Paris for three weeks so I got to experience how it would feel to live there. Not only that but I had the opportunity to do an internship in a firm so I discovered a new work environment. It was a great learning experience, here are my discoveries:

1. Uber drivers are not friendly

I’m usually very lucky with uber drivers and often meet very interesting people, except for in Paris… Don’t get me wrong they are not rude and get the job done, but I felt like I was annoying them.

2. You realize who’s really here for you

It’s true for everytime you travel and get out of your comfort zone. You want to feel like you have support from the people you care about. It’s often in those times, where you either need advice, help or just to talk about your adventure, that you realize who’s really here or who’s quick to forget.

3. Less is more for fashion

Parisians definitely have a simplistic chic style. I didn’t see any eccentric outfits, which I’m not sure I like.

4. Parisian don’t speak English

This is more so a French thing. Out of all the countries, I’ve noticed that the  French are the worst at speaking English. Not everyone speaks it and if they do, you have a lot of chances that they have a very strong accent.

5. Give people time

This is related to work environments. When you first start of, you may find yourself out of place or not very welcomed. This is where you have to give people and yourself some time. They are all part of a little family and you this stranger suddenly comes in? It’s normal for people to be cold at first. What made me realise was that on my last day, this woman who I had found particularly cold, greeted me by saying “good morning Helen” and just by the fact that she had said my name, I knew she had accepted me.

6. There is a lot of homeless people

There is a big problem with homeless people. They are everywhere: on the tube, in the street, in shops. I saw some homeless people in shocking conditions, which broke my heart. It’s a real shame.

7. Parisian guys are very polite

One of my London friends kindly came to visit me one weekend and she was actually the one who made me notice. Parisian guys are very polite when they are trying to flirt with you. They are not pushy or arrogant like a lot of guys in London, truly makes a difference when you go clubbing, they actually care to have a conversation with you!

8. Finding a routine is key

When you discover a new place, you might feel like too much of a stranger at first. As soon as you establish a routine, going to work, going to this shop etc… you get used to it.

9. Find things that make you feel at home

Bring things or do things that make you feel at home. I love buying myself the food I usually buy at home and I also like to keep the same routine at night or in the morning for example. You can also unpack your stuff and organize them like you would normally.

10. Get out of your comfort zone

You’re in a new place, you’re alone, you’re already out of your comfort zone so why not push yourself even more. If you want to really experience the city, you need to explore, talk to people, get lost, find your way, ask for advices etc…



  1. Ruby.olive@gmail.com
    19th August 2017 / 9:14 am

    Love this xx

    • Helene
      19th August 2017 / 10:34 am

      Thank you Rubs xx

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