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You’re probably already wondering how the hell did a toothbrush picture end up on a beauty blog but fear not you’re about to get your mind blown off by the number of things a toothbrush can do in the beauty department. Since I discovered all those tips I always have a toothbrush lying around in my shower and in my bathroom. I definitely recommend using a clean one that you will only use for those steps and not for cleaning your teeth…

Use #1: Exfoliation

Although I do use a regular exfoliant for my face, I like to target a bit more certain areas of my face. I find a toothbrush to be a lot more abrasive and effective than regular exfoliant and it has an ideal size to reach smaller areas. Ever wondered how to get rid of chapped, flaky lips? Simply by exfoliating twice a week your lips with a toothbrush. Not only does it get rid of the dead skin cells but it promotes blood circulation making your lips appear bigger and healthier. It goes the same for other problem areas of your face. I also like to exfoliate with a toothbrush the side of my nose, my brows and any other areas that are more dry and thus flake a bit easier. I find that exfoliating with this technique gets rid of black heads quite amazingly.

Use #2: Hair flyaways

We have all been there, waking up with extremely static hair or wanting to achieve a slicked back ponytail or bun but having all those baby hairs annoying you. All you have to do is spray your toothbrush with hairspray and comb over the flyways. Voilà!

Use #3: Brow tamer

Who has time or money to buy a brow spoolie? No one. It either already comes with your brow pencil or you take out a smaller sized toothbrush and comb your brows in place.

Use #4: Hairbrush cleaner

Also a step that a lot of people neglect. Think about it, you wash your hair everyday? Every two days? Once a week? And how often do you wash your hairbrush? One every six month? Yeah that’s a problem, your toothbrush accumulates all the sweat, dirt and sebum from your scalp and lies around in open air all day, everyday. It probably would cut down the amount of time you wash your hair every week if you actually washed your hairbrush. I know it’s almost impossible to clean it except with a toothbrush! You can get in all the areas and clean it out like a brand new one.

Use #5: Hair teaser

Instead of buying those fancy hair teaser why don’t you try teasing your hair with a toothbrush? All those big puffy hairstyles are kinda on trend right now, so most people like to get that volume in that ponytail.


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