Hellooo, I just came back from London and had the opportunity to try out 2 amazing restaurants. The first one is the very famous Japanese restaurant Nobu, available in 22 locations around the world. There are two Nobu in London and this time I went to the one in the Metropolitan hotel. The food was amazing, they have a whole vegetarian section which I was delighted to see. The food is extremely tasty, it’s usually small bites but they are full of flavors. What I really enjoyed and thought was very ingenious was the Tofu Teriyaki, to replace the very famous Chicken Teriyaki.


Courgette and legume rolls

DSC_0140-copyTofu Teriyaki


Steamed legumes with a very tasty sauce


Mochi ice cream

The second night I went to theĀ Babylon restaurant in Kensington. It’s part of the famous billionaire Richard Branson’s group Virgin. The restaurant is at the very top of the building, you can enjoy desserts or drinks outside on their terrace. Again they had many vegetarian options and all the courses were delicious. What I especially loved was the fun atmosphere, there was an amazing band which was making everyone participate and everyone was in a good chilled mood.


Feta mousse with legumes chips (Beet chips were seriously amazing, really didn’t expect to like it since I hate normal beets)


Dessert on the terrace


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