From huge lemons to beautiful views, I finally had the chance to go to the Amalfi Coast this summer. It was a place on my bucket list for a while and was worth the trip. We discovered amazing places and restaurants that I have put together in this guide for you to enjoy x

View from the restaurant Il Geranio


  • Anacapri: the island is divided by two. One side is Capri and the other side is Anacapri. I would recommend renting a scooter for around 50€ a day and visit the other side.
  • Lido del Faro: a lighthouse at the tip of Anacapri with beautiful sunsets. I would recommend going there early evening to have a drink at the little beach shacks there and watch the sun go down.
  • Blue Grotto and Island Boat tour: there are many boat tour companies that organise trips around the island to see the famous Blue Grotto and the three rocks stacks. I would definitely recommend taking a private boat tour but maybe skip the Blue Grotto as it is a bit of a tourist trap. The tour inside the Grotto is 5min which makes it very expensive for what you have to pay, in addition you have to wait a long time to be picked up by the little boats that brings you inside. Not worth it.
  • Beach: I would recommend La Fontelina for which you probably need a reservation or the beach right next to Fontelina called Da Luigi ai Faraglioni. You can only get there by foot but the views on the way are worth it and to return I would recommend taking a boat to Marina Piccola (around 6€) and from there take the bus back up because it is a very steep walk otherwise.
  • Town center: lots of cute souvenirs shops and luxury boutiques. It is nice to walk around when it is less hot. I would definitely try the freshly squeezed orange juice stand on the way.
  • Monte Solaro: chair lift that bring you on top Monte Solaro where you have a beautiful view.

La Fontelina Beach Club

Il Riccio’s dessert table



  • Da Paolino: very nice authentic Italian restaurant under lemon trees. It is amazing for pictures and eating good food. They are extremely generous with the size portions and a lot of dishes are made with their own lemons. (Recommendation: evening)
  • Il Geranio: outside restaurant on a hill with an amazing view of the sea and three rocks stack. (Recommendation: lunch or early evening)
  • Il Riccio: beach club restaurant with beautiful blue chairs and tables. They have a huge dessert room with an array of delicious cakes. (Recommendation: lunch)
  • Aurora: nice restaurant in Capri town, quite popular and busy so I would recommend reserving. (Recommendation: evening)
  • La Terrazza di Lucullo (Hotel Caesar Augustus): very romantic restaurant in the beautiful Caesar hotel. Options to book more private tables for special occasions. Very good service. (Recommendation: evening)
  • Villa Margherita: nice terrace restaurant not far from Capri town with a beautiful view. (Recommendation: lunch)

In general, I would recommend making all the reservations through your hotel because it is common practice over there. We tried making a reservation ourself and found out on the day that it hadn’t been taken down.

View from Il Riccio



  • Suite Time Villa La Pergola: this is the hotel we stayed at. I would greatly recommend it because of its amazing location, minutes away by foot from the centre and the staff is very friendly there. The rooms are very nice and clean and they are opening a pool next year so it should be even nicer. The high season can be incredibly expensive so if you are looking for a nice hotel without breaking the bank, I would recommend this one.
  • Hotel Caesar Augustus: beautiful luxurious hotel with an incredible view of sea. If you are looking for a truly special place to stay with great style, this is the place.
  • Capri Palace: THE Capri hotel. The most well known and luxurious hotel of the island. You get access to the small beach club near the blue grotto and have amazing service and comfort.

Villa Margherita

Da Paolino lounge

Da Paolino




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