Car racing fashion has been inspiring a lot of brands lately. I have seen this trend in every store and on every website and have fallen in love with it. Brands like IAMGIA or Off white have been taking over Instagram with their motocross fashion and I absolutely love how bold and badass it is. But what exactly is “car racing fashion”? Believe it or not, it has a very wide range of styles and there are a lot of signature pieces.

  1. The checkered print: This pattern is very symbolic of car racing, it’s on the flag, the cars etc…You can find top and bottoms with a checkered print or even a matching hoodie and joggers set which has been very popular. 
  2. The flames: Check out my FIRE blogpost for some inspo but the fire print is also very representative of racing. I like jumpers or pants with flames on the side. 
  3. The leather pants or skirts: this is probably my favourite signature style of racing fashion. Whether it is the pencil mini leather skirt with the hoop zip or the thick leather pants. 
  4. Color patches:  You want the clothes to look almost like patches of material have been sown together. It gives it that rough look. The 4 colours are usually black, white, yellow and red. 
  5. High neck dresses: it can be in all kinds of material but it usually high neck and very tight on the body. Usually the zip has a circle ring on it and the different colour patches can also be present. 



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