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Hello people, I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their summer. I started this new 30 days squat challenge 2 days ago so I thought I would share it with you. I think it’s important to set yourself some challenges because at the end of those 30 days you will feel 1. Better in shape and 2. Proud of yourself. Of course you should still work your full body out regularly but pick one part that you want special toning and set yourself a challenge to make this part of your body even better. Once you complete this challenge for one part of your body you can move on to another etc…I simply searched on Pinterest for a squat challenge and picked the one that suited me better. There are easier ones starting at 10 squats, so go have a look and pick the one for your level. If you start at a level that is too high for you, you will give up much more easily. I would recommend to make sure you know how to do the exercise (e.g: squats) perfectly before starting a challenge, because sometimes we do them wrong and we end up hurting yourselves. A simple Youtube search should have details on how to do each exercise.


My last tip is if you actually want to remember EVERY single day to do your challenge, you should set up the picture of your challenge on your lock screen. Last night, I was about to go to sleep, checked my phone and realized that I had already had forgotten on just the second day…so it helps trust me!

Good luck xxx


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