I have been obsessed with brown lipsticks especially for winter. I like the kind of dark but subtle look it gives me. As always, when I’m really liking something I have a hard time diversifying so I bought quite a lot of brown lipsticks: (left to right)

Mac spice liner is my everyday color. It is a nude brown that gives off a very elegant matte look. I like that it’s a lipliner as I find easier to apply. I have to say however that if you have extremely dry lips you might want to consider a less drying formula.

Revlon Matte Balm in 265 is a brown with a red undertone which looks gorgeous with a brown smokey eye. Still very much day appropriate. I like that it’s a bit different from the everyday nudes but still very wearable.

Mac stone is not a lipstick everyone will enjoy. It is a very different brown because it has a grey undertone. I had been looking for ages for a greyish kind of lipstick and was happy to find this one. I do like it a lot on me because it adds that small amount of grunge but I’m not sure it will be everyone’s cup of tea so make sure to try it on before buying it.

Mac antique velvet is a very very dark, almost black true brown. If you are looking for that kind of dark look you’ll probably love it. I had tried to wear a true black lipstick a couple of months ago and though I still liked it, I find it very hard to wear so this is a great alternative.

Urban Decay Blackmail is very popular lipstick. Again, it’s a very dark almost black purple with a bit of red. When the lady swatched it on her hand at the store I fell in love. Since, it’s very popular they were out of stock, so my best friend and I ran all the way to another store to get it. That’s how dedicated we are. This is probably my favourite shade of dark lipstick though I must admit the form of the urban decay lipstick which is a slanted one doesn’t make it easy to apply. I much prefer the pointed mac shape.




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