The hardest part with going to the gym is starting. Once you’re in the routine everything gets easier. You might feel too lazy to go a sometimes but at least you’re going. Once you stop however, it becomes really hard to pick back up and find motivation. We’ve all been there so here are a few tips to help you start again:

  • Ask a friend to come with you and schedule it.
  • Loose the high expectations. Even going there for 20min is fine, like I said the hardest part is just to start again. Better to ease into it then scare yourself away from it.
  • Buy new gym gear, this always makes you feel better and makes you exited to wear it and workout.
  • Watch workout youtube videos, it will refresh your mind of exercises you used to love or you will even discover new ones that you will want to try out.
  • Reward yourself once you go. This will be even more of a reason to get you there as you will have something to look forward to afterwards.
  • Remind yourself of why you want to go or why you used to like going.



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