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People always ask me how I became a vegetarian so I thought that today I would tell you all about my journey.

The story begins with my sister. When my older sister was about 4 years old (Yes, I do know that it’s an extremely young age to make that kind of decision but she was a smart baby I guess) she starting asking questions to my mom about where ham came from. My mom, not wanting to make her daughter face reality, would reply that it grew on trees or on grass…until she finally cave in because my sister would keep asking and told her ham was in fact a dead pig. After that, my sister refused to eat meat. My mom started fearing for my sister’s life and as a lot of parents thought meat was essential in order to be healthy. She decided to educate herself on the subject so that she could cook accordingly for my sister and she discovered the vegetarian world. She became aware of the cruelty that was inflicted upon animals in the meat industry and the health benefits of a vegetarian diet. Suddenly it all made sense to her and along with my sister she became a vegetarian.

My mom and my sister were maybe vegetarian but never once was their choice forced upon me. If I wanted to eat meat I could and that’s exactly what I did…until my turn to face reality came along…What always amazes me is how people can look at a living animal and find it “so cute, so beautiful” and if it harmed in front of them they find it”cruel and inhumane” but then they go to the grocery store and buy packs of cadavres and just don’t make the connection between the two. They probably know it’s an animal that was killed but there is such a big disconnection between the meat that they are eating and the living animal that they probably would have refused to kill. This was exactly my state of mind at that stage in my life and I was the biggest animal over and still am!

One day, on vacation, I found in the grass a tiny baby bird that had fallen off his nest and was badly injured. I decided to make him a little nest of grass and try to give him some water through his beak. I would come every hour to check on him and after a while I started to see a bird from the same race that was going back and forth trying to bring food to the baby. I realised it was his mom and at that point I was deeply touched by the motherly bond. At the end of the day I came back and the baby had died but the mother was still there. Bare in my mind I was 7 and I was devastated. That night, my family and I went to dinner which was a buffet and I saw a small chicken roasting on a stick and just felt sick. I know it wasn’t my bird but it just looked like it so it allowed me to make the connection. If it’s a bird, a cow, a cat, a dog or whatever it’s an animal and if you spend time with it just like you do with your dog and cat you will get attached. At that point it made no sense to spend all day trying to save an animal if I would just eat one later at night. That’s how I became a vegetarian and have been living a healthy and happy life ever since.

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  1. 9th October 2015 / 2:11 am

    Very interesting ~ thank you for sharing !! I think it was very cool of your mom to take it upon herself to learn how to accommodate a vegetarian lifestyle for your sister instead of forcing her to eat her meats !

    • 9th October 2015 / 8:49 am

      Thank you for the nice feedback :). Yes it was a smart move from my mom, I wish more parents did the same because they often just discourage their child.

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