1. FACETUNE:  I like to start in Facetune, I usually use the whiten tool to whiten my background, the walls, the floors (great tool if you want a clean minimalist theme). Whites tends to appear a bit grey on camera therefore whitening your background will give more life to your pictures. I also like the patch tool to remove any rubbish when taking streets shots or unwanted objects. Also great if you’re having breakouts! I then like the detail tool for my eyes, hair and clothes.
  2. SNAPSEED: I use this app to change my pictures’ brightness, contrast etc…The selective feature is really good if you want to brighten only part of your picture (ex: you’re in a shadow put the sky is bright).
  3. VSCO: This is what brings everything together. I use VSCO for filters. I love J2, J5, A6, A4, A9 and M5. This is a great place to start if you want a Insta theme. You can go through the filters before purchasing them. I would recommend you use 5 or 6 filters that all have similar tones like this your pictures will look cohesive. I also like adding a bit of fade or grain on this app.
  4. LIGHTROOM: I used to use this app a long time ago but I’ve started again because they have “dust” filters that add those tiny white specs which gives a vintage look that I love.


To start off I like shooting my pictures in RAW because it gives me more control and options in editing. I like to edit my blog pictures in lightroom. I’ve purchased the VSCO film filters for lightroom. They’ve also now come out with mobile filters so you can match with the filters you like using on your phone. I mostly use Nikon portra 160+, Canon porta 160NC+, Fuji portra 160NC-, Fuji kodak portra 160VC++, Fuji 400UC++.

After choosing my filter, I like to tweak the brightness, contrast, saturation etc… I always make sure to tick the “profile correction” and “chromatic aberrations” boxes. The brush tool is also good to edit just areas of your pictures ( you can also whiten your background with that tool) , like in snapseed for the phone. I then finish by exporting them as jpeg and upload them to my blog and airdrop them to my phone.


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  1. 26th January 2018 / 8:56 pm

    Amazing style and the streets make the perfect settings.

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