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This is a long-awaited post because I know a lot of people suffer from acne, especially growing up where you usually don’t really know anything about skincare or dermatology. When I used to have acne, I would spend countless hours researching acne and methods to get rid of it. I tried so many different creams or home remedies but nothing quite worked until I stumbled upon a YouTube review of acne.org. First of, I was very surprised to find a whole community of people who suffered from various types of acne which made me feel less alone. Then I was even more amazed with how they would provide support to each other and share their tips and tricks. Acne.org is first of all a platform where you can find so many different informations and answers to your questions but is also an online store selling Daniel Kern’s (website owner) own skincare line at a very affordable price.

The skincare line has 3 products which can be used separately but work much more efficiently together, those are known as The regimen:

The first step is cleansing your face with the cleanser which is very gentle and unscented. I have fallen in love with this cleanser and still use on its own to this day because it is so effective at removing all of your makeup without over drying your skin. It can be brought in a huge size which is much less expensive than the usual cleanser you find at department stores and it lasts forever.

The second step is the miracle product, this is what will make your acne go away. The product is called the treatment and has benzoyl peroxide at 2.5% which has been shown to be the most effective. A bigger percentage will not treat better your acne but will over dry your face. I wouldn’t call this product a miracle if it didn’t work but it does come with downsides. In order for this product to work, you need to be very patient. It took about 3-4 months for me to see some changes. During those 3-4 months my skin was in a bad condition. This product will dry your face, it will make it flake and make it impossible for you to hide anything with foundation or concealer. However, the more you use it the more your skin will get accustomed. After 3-4 months my skin wasn’t flaking anymore but still felt very dry and as time past it felt more and more like normal.

The third step is what will help you with the flakiness and dryness. It’s the moisturizer which works great and has no downsides except for the yellow color which might transfer on your pillow. However, I have to say that this moisturizer is great for people who aren’t treating acne. For me, it wasn’t giving me enough moisture. Aside from the regimen, Daniel Kern created two other products as extra help. One of those products is the AHA+ which is a chemical exfoliant which will not only get rid of dead skin cells (the flakes) but also moisturize (prevent flaking). I still to this day use the AHA+ twice a week to exfoliate. The second product is jojoba oil. You might be cringing, because the thought of putting oil on your acne skin scares you, don’t worry it scared me too, but jojoba oil is known for its great moisturizing qualities and won’t clog pores or aggravate your acne.

If you want to learn more about the regimen you can follow Daniel Kern’s YouTube videos.

Hope this helps xxx


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