After my how to sun prep post, I decided to write about how to maintain your skin while you’re actually tanning.

The secret this time is to intensely hydrate your skin but to STOP exfoliating. Exfoliating should only be done before because if it’s done during, your skin does become more fragile when it’s exposed to the sun so exfoliating will only irritate your skin leading to premature pealing.

While tanning, it’s of course very important to do not get burned. It’s seriously the worst thing you can do. Depending on your skin type and color, you should know your tolerance to the sun (usually the fairer your skin the less tolerance you have) so know how long you should lay in the sun and take a lot of breaks in the shade. Trying to tan quick won’t work, the more gradual the better. Again depending on your skin type you should apply sun scream with the spf needed. I like the Lancaster Sun sport in spf 30 because it’s a spray so it’s very quick and it’s transparent and I also like the La Roche Posay Anthelios W in spf 30 for my face because it’s a gel so it won’t mess with my oily skin and it doesn’t break me out. If you want to help your tan a little bit I would recommend the Clarins Sun care radiant oil spray because I find that it doesn’t make my skin burn but slightly helps the tanning process. Not only that but applying an oil to my skin hydrates it a bit more.

After you tanned all day, apply some Garnier after sun body lotion, it has aloe vera which sooth your skin and is great at reducing the redness. For your face, the Shiseido after sun intensive recovery cream is amazing, it gives you tones of hydration and repairs your skin from any sun damage. I once was starting to peal on my nose, applied this cream over night and the pealing was gone. If you get any very painful sun burn I would recommend applying Cytolnat Centella in a heavy layer on the area. Again, this cream is amazing, not only because my dad (who’s a pharmacist) created it but because I’ve used itmy whole childhood on any burns, cuts, blisters…and it drastically accelerated the heeling of my skin.


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