I recently had a little clean up in my wardrobe because I like when things are organised and it makes me more inspired in the morning to get ready. I also like to get rid of things I don’t wear anymore as they take up useless space. The clothes I don’t wear I donate them, I encourage you to look up your nearest donation box if you live in the uk at Oxfam. Mine is at my local Sainsbury where I go food shopping so it’s very convenient.


During my little clean up, I had set aside the dress I’m wearing in those pictures to donate it because I had it¬†for such a long time and was just not reaching for it anymore. Once I had the pile of clothes I didn’t want anymore, I was going through it to make sure I really wanted to get rid of it all and that’s when I realised that I could recycle some pieces by wearing them differently. That’s why I think it’s important if you’re getting uninspired by your clothes to take some time to set aside the pieces you aren’t wearing as much and then assess if you can restyle them. We often get in a habit with our clothes where we reach for the same pieces we are comfortable and used to wearing and we don’t even realise we aren’t wearing some clothes that are actually amazing.

The dress was too preppy and “little girl” for my style now which is why I hadn’t worn it in such a long time, so I decided to throw a white shirt under the dress with just the collar showing. That way the dress became a bit more adult and serious. The white shirt is also quite masculine and I’ve been loving contrasting very femine pieces with masculine touches.


  1. Layering: Just like I did with this dress. Layering can really change a whole outfit,¬†collared shirts are really good layering pieces. Other good layering pieces are shirts and especially lace camis. It’s very trendy now to layer a shirt under a cami dress.
  2. Cutting: I know what you might be thinking…but hear me out. The number of pants I have saved (and money) by cutting is incredible. Instead of buying a new pair of ripped jeans, give your old boring pair of jeans a makeover yourself. Or for example I use to love really skinny long jeans but now I’m really into ankle not so skinny jeans so I just cut out the bottom legs and it gives it a rough edge that is very in style right now.
  3. Accessorising: Try throwing a statement necklace, or some amazing heels. Bright colours can really help if you find your pieces boring.
  4. Wearing it another way: Do a knot on your shirt if you don’t like the fit or roll up your jeans. I’ve even worn a dress the wrong way around because it had a low back and a very boring front so turning it around made everything more interesting.
  5. Finding inspiration on the internet: Probably my favourite tip. It’s something I find so useful. Often I’m not wearing certain pieces of clothes because I don’t know how to style them. Looking up your particular item on google followed by “outfit” can really help you get creative.


Sunglasses: Topshop

Dress: Unknown (very long time ago)

White shirt: ASOS here

Shoes: Missguided here

Bag: Chanel



    • Helene
      25th February 2017 / 11:55 pm

      Thank you xx

  1. 26th February 2017 / 2:54 am

    I just did a huge clean out on my wardrobe! I had tons of stuff I wasn’t wearing and I actually sold a bunch of it on Ebay! I really want a Chanel bag, haven’t bought one, but spent over 3K US on shoes today. I have no idea why I can buy the shoes without a thought… and not the bag? Anyhow, I think the dress you have is ADORABLE!! Great tips! Perfect timing for me!

    • Helene
      26th February 2017 / 6:12 pm

      I know it’s pretty crazy when you realise how much stuff you’re letting go to waste! Haha don’t worry you’re not the only one to spend tones of money on ridiculous things instead of saving it for a big investment pieces like a Chanel bag, but don’t worry you’ll be able to buy it soon!!! If you want it you’ll get it! I might actually write a post on how to budget plan and save some money if you’re interested. Anyway, thank you for your lovely comment and I wish you the best of luck xx

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