Many people ignore that washing your makeup brushes on a regular basis is very important. Not only for your face but for the longevity of your brushes. Makeup builds up in the bristles, it oxides and mixes with various germs and dust (especially cream or foundation brushes because it’s a moist environment…). When applied to your face this dirty and unsanitary cocktail creates breakouts, uneven application or even untrue color. The build ups actually also damages your brushes and will also often stain them. A lot of people will go too far and say you need to wash them after every single use but I don’t have time or energy for that so I do it every couple of weeks and here’s how:

  1. Rince your brush with water at a medium temperature
  2. Dispense a bit of brush soap in your hand. This can be a soap especially targeted towards makeup brushes or one of the numerous alternatives such as baby shampoo, olive oil, coconut oil etc…My personal favorite is the Johnson baby shampoo
  3. Rub the brush onto the soap in circular motions making sure you get through all the brush hairs
  4. Rince the brush with water and with the bristles facing down. This will avoid any water damaging the handle but it will also avoid the water from penetrating in the part that holds the bristles together which can wear down the glue, leading to small brush hairs falling out and ending up on your face
  5. Rub the brush again in circular motion until the water is completely clear and no makeup is coming out from the brush
  6. Press the bristles together to get the water out of the brush and shape it in its original shape so it can dry like this
  7. Lay your brush down on a towel with the handle elevated and the head of the brush facing down. This can done by simply rolling on part of the towel. ( See picture below) This again avoids any water getting in the brush and damaging it
  8. Come back in a few minutes or hours depending on the size of your brush and enjoy a clean, germ free brush!



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