During summer, I came across a book that was actually recommended to me by my mom. This book is called Transurfing and its a quantic physic book that explains how you can get anything you want out of life. I know it sounds crazy and unrealist. I was very skeptic at the beginning too which is why I decided to give it a read. Well let’s just say that since I’m writing this post it completely convinced me and opened the door to this whole new mindset of how to live your life. Whether you already know a little bit of self development and how your mentality influence your life or you’re just hearing about this and interested, I’ve created a little list of all the things that have helped me have a more positive mindset about life.



Let’s start by what started it all. Transurfing. I found it very interesting because it explains this theory scientifically. The author is an actual well know scientist who has gathered evidence on this topic for a long time. Since I was skeptic about the whole thing, reading a scientific explanation about it definitely convinced me. I wouldn’t say it’s an easy book to read, I would even say that it’s good to read it twice just to really fully understand it but it’s definitely worth it. I believe there’s a whole book series, explaining everything in details but I just read the first one for now.


The second book I read is a famous book called The Secret. Probably most of you have already heard of it but reading it after Transurfing really helped me digest the whole thing. It’s definitely a simpler book and more applicable to your daily life. It talks about every subjects from relationship to business plans and give your tips to do in your daily life to get what you want. It is based a lot on the law of attraction.



Finally the third book is called E2. This book will really help you if you’re still not convinced of the whole thing. It has nine do it yourself energy experiment that will prove to you that your thoughts create your reality. They are short experiments and they don’t require a lot of time at all, they can be implemented in your daily life easily. There’s also a lab report after each experiment so you can write down the result of each of them…pretty genius.


Of course, changing your life with your thoughts doesn’t just involve reading books about it, it’s actually just the start of it. What is really interesting, is how I had already started this doing this thing before reading the Transurfing book which is a good synchronicity sign. This next thing is meditation. It doesn’t have to be the stereotypical way, cross legged and stuff, it can just be sitting up in chair, you just need a quiet space. I’m not gonna explain how meditation is done, because for one there’s so many ways and second it would be too long but there’s plenty of videos on youtube. This is really good to quiet your mind and learn how to be mindful of your thoughts because the problem is our unconscious is constantly sending us negative thoughts which we often don’t even realise. When you first try meditation, you might find it difficult to do it for more than 5 min but like anything you get better at it with time. You will find yourself more able to concentrate, less stressed and overall more confident about yourself and your abilities. A few helpful people for meditation are: The Honest Guys which have guided meditations for basically everything, Rochelle Fox which is a youtuber who talks a lot about meditation and mindfulness and also Cornelia Grimsmo which is another youtuber also into the same thing, she actually made me read the secret. Otherwise there is a useful app on the iphone which is called Insight Timer which is a timer for meditation but you will also find plenty of guided meditation for when you’re on the go.



This doesn’t really help with creating the reality you want but it definitely helps with being a happy positive person. Also if you read the books I recommended you will find out that you will never get the things that you want if you’re not grateful for things you already have. Every night before going to sleep, I write down 3 things that I am grateful for in a little notebook. I keep it on my bed side table so I don’t forget. I have been doing this consistently since June and I have to say it made a big impact on my life. First of all, you realize how many things you can be grateful for, it can be the simplest of things. Second, you go to sleep happy even if you had a bad day, you at least realize that there was some good because believe it or not there always is. And finally, you will find that a lot more good things happen to you when you do that. You should definitely try it!



The Happiness Planner really helped me because I am a big believer in planning. I basically am so used to it that I can’t sleep at night if I don’t have everything down in my planner. Since I’m a bit OCD it helps me have an organised life and balance everything from work, friends, workouts and my blog. I already did a post all about planning, click here to check it out. However, there is something very different with this planner because it is a happiness planner, so it does so much more than just get your life organised. Planning can bring a lot of anxiety and stress because you basically see all the things you still haven’t done and that needs to be done by that week so the happiness planner is made in a way that it is an actual positive stress free place where you can plan your life. It has positive quotes and pages where you write down your fear, things you love to do, your one year plan etc…it is very in line with all the books I recommended so far. Each week you have a page where you have to put the things you are excited for, your goals and happy things you will do. Then at the end of the week, you complete two pages to reflect on your week, what were the lows and highs, what you learned and what you want to improve. I’ve been using it since September and I absolutely love it. I have seen a great difference in my productivity and find myself looking forward to planning my week!



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