So you may have thought I was gone for good…and I apologise I messed up. I thought I would have more time for my blog but I was so far away from the reality. I think this is the first time I experienced so many changes in my life. Moving to another country, living alone, starting uni…not mentioning all the formalities of the phone, the bank, uni…it gets busy. At first honestly I was kinda lost, scared and very homesick…but you seriously get used to it. Living alone and discovering another country is exciting, it makes you grow up in many ways. I thought I would make this post, not because I want to make excuses but because I want to give an explanation and also hopefully other people in the same situation know what to expect. It will be hard at first but hold on it gets amazing. We’ll see if I keep up my normal blog schedule now…challenges, challenges…!



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