Christmas season is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the decorations, the lights, the good food, everyone is joyous and is getting reading to celebrate Christmas with their family. London is probably one of the most festive places for Christmas, everything is decorated, there are tones of fun activities to do, I love it. I thought I would compile a list of all the places and things I love to do during Christmas in London. Hope you enjoy.


Winter Wonderland



Probably one of the most Christmassy places you can find. Temporary installed during the Christmas season in Hyde park, Winter Wonderland is a winter heaven. There is ice skating, food, rides, christmas shops, bars and basically everything christmas related you could be looking for. The food is probably what I most look forward to, so be prepared to have one big cheat meal. I especially like going at night when all the lights are turned on because it just really gives you the Christmas vibes. Word of advice, pile on the socks, the sweaters and the gloves because it gets very chilly.

Ice skating ring at the Natural History Museum



There are tones of ice skating spots in London and all of them are amazingly decorated but I especially like the ice skating ring at the Natural History Museum because I love seing this museum at night with all the pretty lights. The ring is not too big, just the right size I would say. Even though I’m terrible at ice skating, I think it’s really nice to get all bundle up and have fun on the ice with friends or on a romantic date. There is a bar and restaurant on the 1st floor which serves amazing hot teas and hot chocolates for once you’re done freezing on the ice skating ring.

Christmas markets



Another thing that London is amazing for is Christmas markets. I really like the one at the Tate Modern because there is little wooden chalets which I think are really cute and festive. Christmas markets are great for finding handmade creative things and also great to go for gift shopping. Plus you again get the Christmas atmosphere all around you.


Christmas is after all a commercial celebration. It is the time where you buy presents for your loved ones or maybe buy presents to yourself…?(don’t worry I’m guilty of that too). There are some amazing deals during the Christmas season. If you are gonna shop might as well do it in a festive environment so here are my favorite places to shop during Christmas time, though let’s face it every shop is decorated in London…!




When I think of Christmas shopping Harrods always comes to my mind. I think it is the mother of all Christmas shops. Something about their decorations…There’s everything you could be looking for, from clothes to food to accessories to home stuff.




I really like Liberty in general just because I think they have a lot of interesting unique brands especially for makeup. I love the architecture of the building and during Christmas it gets even more beautiful. I would say that the inside is more impressive than the outside. Also they have an amazing Christmas ornament section which will make you to decorate your tree with all of them!

Oxford / Regent street



Pretty obvious. Both those streets are probably the most famous shopping streets in London but their Christmas lights are very pretty and there’s all the shops you could possibly be looking for.






Sketch is already fun in itself. The decoration is amazing, there a few bars with different themes and one all pink restaurant which is the cutest but during Christmas the fun thing to do is to go for an afternoon tea. They have a Christmas Carol and a Christmas buche. Everything is so instagramable and the food finger is really good, they even have vegan pastries which I think is amazing.

Churchill bar 




I love the Churchill bar but I think it’s especially nice during winter on their heated terrace outside. There is a very wintery vibe there with tones of fairy light. You should definitely try their chocolate fondu it is amazing and comes with rose marshmallow!

The Ivy Chelsea




Super cosy restaurant with a little garden at the middle with a fire place. Their decorations for Christmas are absolutely amazing. People were literally stopping on the street to look at all the fairy lights they had on their wall.



  1. 10th December 2016 / 8:15 pm

    London is gorgeous, I wanted to go there again and this time before Christmas for only this reason – to see what it looks like in this season and to see all these things. Sadly I can’t go this winter, but will in easter! Gonna have to do it some other time to get a chance to experience all this!

    • Helene
      13th December 2016 / 12:44 pm

      You should really try London during the Christmas season, it’s so gorgeous! Hope you get the change to see it. xxx

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