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Since it’s still winter, I think it’s appropriate to talk about my top 5 dark lipsticks. Dark lipsticks became very popular last winter but more and more people are going out of their comfort zones and are starting to wear them. They can be worn very boldly and give off a grunge look or can be dressed up and can be very fancy.
The easiest to wear is the MAC, Hearts Aflame. It is matte dark brownish red and is absolutely gorgeous. I have been looking everywhere for that shade of red and finally found it at the Mac counter in Heathrow airport. It changes from the typical reds and stays very wearable. The formula is amazing and since it is matte it stays on forever.
Another dark red that is a bit more of a luxury is the DIOR, 5th Avenue. It is more dark and less matte than the other one and feels very nice on the lips.
The MAYBELLINE, Naked Brown is a lot more of a special colour. It’s a dark brown which I personally love. I think it is very different but probably won’t match every skin tone.
My ultimate favorite is the very popular MAC, Diva. It a dark matte plum and looks beautiful. I love the touch of edge it adds and suits practically everyone.
The boldest out of them all is MAC, Cyber. A very dark purple almost black. It is the satin formula so it’s very comfortable on the lips. If you like to have a dark edgy style, you will love that one. It was my transition step to black lipstick. It is not everyone’s cup of tea but you will definitely stand out and make a statement.

I like to wear bold lips with a simple eye look so that the focus is on the lips and doesn’t come off as over the top. They are very suited for night looks but I love wearing them during the day too. Whenever my skin doesn’t look great or I have a little imperfection, I like using a dark lip to take off the attention from my skin and put it on my lips. Another great tip is when you want to look put together but don’t have a lot of time, just pop on some mascara and a dark lip and you’ll look fantastic.

Hope it helped xxx.




Let’s talk about skincare. I am a firm believer that no amount of makeup can replace a good skincare. A bit of a background story, few years ago, as I was in my teenage years, I started having a bit of acne. It was never anything too intense but it made me very self conscious. I started doing some research online and tried all kinds of different products. Finally, I did find a miracle skincare line that cured my acne. Please let me know if you would like a whole post about acne skincare. Anyways, this is the skincare for my actual skin. I don’t suffer from acne anymore but have combination oily skin.

This is probably the most important step, I first start off by washing my face with the ACNE.ORG, Cleanser.
Than three times a week, I will exfoliate my face with the BODY SHOP, Vitamin C Microdermabrasion.
To rebalance the pH of my skin after the cleanser, I will tone with the PIXI, Glow Tonic toner.
Every three days, I will follow this step with a mask. The mask I choose will depend on how my skin feels. If that time of the month is approaching I will use the KIEHL’S, Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque to keep the little pimples from reaching surface. I leave it on for 20 min than wash it off with a warm muslin cloth. If my skin feels dry or just needs a pick me up the AVENE, Soothing Moisture Mask is great. I even sometimes put both one after the other.
If I haven’t applied my moisturizing mask, I will apply my ORIGINS, Eye Doctor and my CLINIQUE, Moisture Surge however I like to switch it up with my ACNE.ORG, AHA+ (alpha hydroxide acid) on the days where I haven’t mechanically exfoliated. AHA is a great chemical exfoliant that also hydrates the skin and combats acne (it even reduces fine lines). However, I have to issue a warning, this is acid (it is safe for skin use) so your face will itch and be uncomfortable when you first start using it, but with time your skin gets completely use to it and it radically changes your skin’s texture. It’s really worth the small discomfort at the beginning because it is a miracle for the skin.


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