I’ve had this recent urge to change my style up, go a little bit more out of the box and experience with different colors and textures. Fashion is an art, it’s a way of expression and it changes with how you feel. Right now, I feel like something is changing, my mind is working a lot, which is not a bad thing. I guess that translates in the way you dress.

I definitely noticed that patent has been making a come back. It’s not longer this cheap material but can actually be styled in a very fashionable way. I loved everything about this trench coat, first it’s a trench coat, second it’s black and last it’s patent.

Paired with white trainers, it’s a more casual look but if you want to go full on you could wear it with black heels which would look amazing. I love bold pieces that make a statement. Doesn’t matter what you’re wearing underneath, you could even not be wearing anything haha, it’s all about the trench.


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