Since I moved to London on my own, there was a lot more I had to take care of and getting organized was not an option. When I was at home I would rely on my mom to write down all my appointments and important events. I’ve always been a person who loves organization because it brings me comfort so I decided that I would start planning. I usually plan out my week on the Sunday and then add things throughout the week as they come.

The first big thing about planning is keeping it simple and eye-catching. Giving yourself a million tasks a day doesn’t work, trust me, you just feel overwhelmed in the morning when you look at your planner and end up doing nothing.

What has really worked for me is to go digital. I basically write all the important things on either my phone or computer calendar and it syncs automatically. This way when I’m out and about I can always see what I have to do or when I have some free time. It is also a lot easier to color code and move things around.

In my calendar I have four different categories that are color coded:

– Events: where I write if I have an appointment at the doctor etc…

– Blog: where I plan my blog posts or things I have to do for a blog post I want to write.

– Work: where I write all the important uni stuff such as upcoming exams or deadlines, it is very useful to plan out your revisions too.

– Fitness: where I plan my workouts for the week according to the different things I have to do that week. I try to workout at least 5 days a week and I alternate between Abs, Butt and HIIT.

A part from my digital calendar I also have a physical planner where I write detailed lists for each day with small things I have to do such as do groceries, do laundry etc…

I seriously think that planning has helped me get way more organised and productive. The really satisfactory thing is go through your calendar at the end of the day and mentally cross out all things you accomplished.


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