I have been obsessed with the Tom Ford, Eye Defining pen recently. It is a very pricey eyeliner and I feel like people are often reluctant to spend their money on eyeliner and would rather spend it on a compact or foundation but this is worth every penny. If you are an avid cat eye wearer like me and are getting sick of your eyeliner running, not being black enough, drying out etc…it would be smart to try this one out. I was using the Loreal pen eyeliner which is very affordable but it used to run out every month or so, which is when I decided to splurge on the Tom Ford one. I think it’s actually saving me money, because I use it almost every single day and it’s still as smooth and black as the first time. I actually convinced a friend to buy it and she said it felt like butter on her lid. It’s so easy to apply and perfect for a flick, will definitely cut you time in your eyeliner application. There is two sides, one is thinner than the other which insures that you basically get your eyeliner perfect. Finally, it stays black and doesn’t smudge all day long!


I tried the Loreal Volume Million lashes because I loved the shiny gold tube, sounds silly I know…but it’s actually really good. I use it as a base under another mascara because I find that it does make my lashes more voluminous and full. It’s not super defining and black which is why it’s so good as a base because it just makes that second coat pop like crazy.

Brow gel

So I’ve stopped tweazing my eyebrows…like completely. I am really into the big messy brows which is exactly what I’ve been doing. I don’t try to make my eyebrows look like the perfect insta ones, on the contrary I lightly fill them in and then I brush the hairs up with the Benefit, Ready, Set, Brows because otherwise it looks a bit too crazy. This gel is amazing, really keeps the hair up and in place.




This is a rediscovery, used to love it but somehow forgot it in my makeup drawer. The Armani Luminous silk feels amazing on the skin, it a hybrid between a matte and glowy foundation. Basically the both of best worlds. I don’t like looking super matte because I feel like it accentuates every line and imperfections on my face but at the same time I get oily throughout the day…So this one is the perfect match for me.



Liquid Lipsticks

What a surprise…still not finished with my whole liquid lipstick obsession. I picked up the Kat von D, Lolita II after loving the Lolita I and surprise I like it just as much! It’s a more peachy bright shade than the Lolita I but still gives off that beautiful flattering nude vibe. Also been loving the Stila, Stay all day liquid lipstick in Patina which is just such a flattering shade. Love the finish and the stay power of this lipstick. 10 out of 10!



  1. Ruby Olive
    17th December 2016 / 5:53 pm

    Yes girl! thank you, need this eye liner…not about that smudging life xx

    • Helene
      18th December 2016 / 6:06 pm

      <3 <3 <3

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