I did a little getaway this weekend to Spain. Some of my best friends are studying in Segovia which is really close to Madrid so my best friend and I decided to give them a little visit. The first day we stayed in Segovia which at first looked like a small desert town. I am not gonna lie my best friend and I were slightly freaking out in the taxi when all we could see was fields and cows…but we were obviously wrong. Segovia is beautiful little town with so much charm. It is not empty at all, there are plenty of cute shops and restaurants and beautiful historic buildings such as the castle in my pictures. Doesn’t it look like an actual disney princess castle? There is an Aqueduct built by the Romans in the middle of the town which looks beautiful at sunset. Segovia has pretty insane sunsets, the colours are unbelievable and the views are breathtaking. Everything is at walking distance which makes it very easy to get to one place to another. Overall, it just felt very calm and friendly, absolutely loved it.


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