Since a couple of years I have been on the look out for good and unique smelling perfumes. I really like perfumes, especially when it’s a more refined scent that you won’t smell on anyone else. It becomes “your smell” and can even make you remember a certain time of your life (ex: vacation, childhood etc…)

I have picked my three favorite perfumes from my collection:

  • Jo Malone Velvet Rose and Oud: Part of the black bottles collection which are perfumes that are more intense. They are more expensive than the normal collection but that’s because they have ingredients that are exotic and rare. The intense perfumes have a stronger smell but more importantly last a lot longer. I love the smell of rose but I feel like rose on its own is too soft, so since this one has oud it has a lot more character. I love woody spicy smells like that. Notes: Damask rose, oud wood, clove and praline.
  • Chanel n5: Cult perfume, especially for the more mature woman. To be honest, my grandma wears that perfume and my grandma is a very classy woman. This is exactly why I love this perfume because I feel it smells like sophisticated. However, the smell of this perfume changes on my skin and no one can ever recognize that I’m wearing Chanel n5. It’s quite potent and again lasts a long time. It’s a very clean smell that’s reminds me of my childhood. Top notes: Ylang-Ylang, Neroli, Aldehydes Middle notes: Jamine, Mayrose Base notes: Sandal wood, Vetiver
  • Diptyque Do Son: Smells like sunny days. Such a unique scent but I feel like Diptyque only does unique smells. This is definitely more of a summer scent, very floral and unique. Again this perfume is the intense one, it does exist in a non black bottle but the intense one lasts a lot longer. Top notes: African orange flower, Iris Middle notes: Tuberose, Pink pepper Base notes: Besoin, Musk.



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