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I thought I would share an app that is very useful to me. I know the App store is a bit overwhelming and most of the apps on there are completely useless and will probably end up taking extra space on your Iphone, but the Wunderlist App is great if you want to organize your life and remember everything important.

Before I had an Iphone, I would write on little papers all the things that I needed to do or remember but of course they most of the time would get lost or it just wasn’t convenient. So the Wunderlist allows me to create lists of different things I have to remember, you can check out my lists in the pictures at the beginning. You can set a time so it will actually leave you a notification to make sure that you remember and you can then have the satisfaction to tick off your completed tasks. You also can mark the most important stuff with a star so that they appear at the top of your list. This app has many other features which are listed on their website (click here).

I definitely think it’s worth the download since it’s free and it’s just an awesome way for me to have a more light weight mind knowing that I have everything that I need to do in that app.



  1. 18th April 2015 / 7:22 pm

    Cool! I will check this out! I need to get organized! Thanks for posting!

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