In our day and age, a lot of the shopping is done online. Not only is it super convenient but you can also find some great deals. Here are my best online shopping tips and tricks:



With some many different websites and options, I sometime find it overwhelming to pick what I really want. I love the “wishlist” option that exists on probably all the websites but you can’t get an overview of everything that you want to buy online. This is why I started doing a Pinterest wishlist. It’s pretty easy to do and doesn’t take a lot time. I like to organise mine by categories (dress, shoes, bags etc…) I really like Pinterest because you can just click on the image and it will directly take you to the website so you can see if it’s still in stock. I would recommend putting the price in the description like this you have an idea of what the overall will cost.



One of the main advantage of online shopping is you can take your time. You can think about it, research how other people style that item, if there’s any cheaper alternatives etc…My advice would be to create your wishlists and then let it sit. Come back to it in a few days and you’ll realise if there’s stuff you don’t really need or want.



Most brands online now also have an Instagram account where they post pictures of inspo on how to style their clothes. I always check their account to see if there’s clothes I haven’t noticed or how other people style the items I have chosen. Most of the time they also will let you know when they have sales.



If you’re a student in the UK then you’re in luck! You can sign up to the app called UNIDAYS and get discounts on a tone of store like Asos, Zara etc…It also works when you are buying clothes in the actual store, all you need is to show them your account on the app.



If you’re not a student or the website you’re shopping on doesn’t offer student discount, you can try typing in google the name of the shop followed by “discount code”.  A website with discounts from that shop will usually pop up or sometimes you can even find bloggers that have coupon codes for that specific shop.



I still hate that. I always try to not give my email out on websites because I then get flooded with useless emails but I have started recently subscribing just to my favorite shops. Although I don’t like it, I have to say email subscription is a great way to know about sales or coupon codes, probably even the best way. One of my friend subscribes to a lot of shops and she always knows immediately about the amazing sales going on. We’ve both been wanting a pair of boots and she always manages to get them on sale when I either don’t even know about the sale or find out too late and everything is out of stock.


Dress: Miss Empire


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