Summer is the time of the year to wear light flowy clothes that will keep you cool. What better flowy clothes than nice summer dress? They come in all styles, lengths and colors so chances are you will find your match. Not only are they really feminine and easy to wear, you can style them in so many different ways. Dress them up, dress them down, accessorise them, wear them on their own, over a bikini etc…Dresses can be worn also with all kinds of shoes, heels for the nightime, trainers if you want a more sporty look, boots for a grunge touch and sandals for comfort. So here are my top 5 styles of dresses:

  1. The maxi dress: 
  2. The t-shirt dress: 
  3. The girly dress: 
  4. The square line dress: 
  5. The midi dress: 


Shoes: H&M

Dress: TOBI


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