Travelling is a really good opportunity to take beautiful pictures and update that Instagram. However, you often have a limited amount of time and don’t get the opportunity to roam every street to find the perfect spot. I know that I love to find the hidden gems in a city, the less known and more unique areas. I also like to take pictures that incorporate the « symbols » of that city which make it truly emblematic. Sometimes those kind of pictures can be a real challenge to take because of all the tourists around, getting in the way of that Insta shot but fear not, I’ve learned a few tricks over the years that I’m going to share with you in this post:

1. Google:

It is a very good place to find the famous monuments, streets and parks. You can get a preview of what it looks like with Google image and already plan out what you are going to shoot. The only problem with those locations is like I said, tourists, but there are a few ways to get around them. The most drastic solution is to get up early, you need a lot of motivation I know. You’ll find those famous areas a lot less crowded and more accessible. This trick is often best for areas like parks and streets. The second way is to find a less famous area that still has the famous building in the background. Often if you go walk a little bit around you will find that you have a better view and less people. This is what I’m trying to find for the Eiffel tower…but I’m not gonna lie sometimes it’s hard.


Accounts: Probably the best tool to find great places and get inspiration. If you follow a insta account that lives in the city you are visiting, try to get ideas from their account. They will often have pictures in those unique places I was talking about.

Geo tags: With the new update on Instagram you can now view stories from different geo locations. This is amazing to see what’s going on there, how it looks etc…and you also have the pictures of all the people who have been there, again tones of inspo.

3. Bloggers:

If I know a blogger who lives in the city I’m travelling to, I will definitely have a look to get some ideas. Otherwise, you can research the top bloggers in that area on google and flick through those blogs. I use that tool a lot to find nice restaurants and cafes because I find it a lot more resourceful than tripadvisor.


With all those tips, I hope you find that perfect places to snap away!


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