I’ve found myself being very reluctant to wear skirts during colder months. It’s just such a hassle, you need to put tights and  find a skirt warm enough to not freeze your ass off and I know I’m not the only one that thinks like this. Skirts are so pretty and feminine that it’s such a shame to not wear them all year around, so here is how I found the best way to wear skirts during winter is.

In the pictures, I am wearing already a thicker skirt, the material is quite warm however my legs are still exposed to the cold. This is why I paired it with a long coat that covered a bit more. This is a magical item especially if you feel a bit uncomfortable walking around in a skirt to get to your destination. This trick is especially great if you’re going on a evening out and you have to walk around at night. I also wore closed toes heels that way I could wear transparent tights. Transparent tights are a great accessory to have for winter because it allows you to wear all your summer skirts during colder months. There are different degrees of transparency which is measured in denier, the higher the number of denier the more opaque. Some are so thin you can’t even tell you are wearing them and some are even made for open toe heels! I also wore quite a warm top to make it more winter appropriate and to keep the warmth at least in my upper body.


Like I’ve already mentioned the first trick is finding an appropriate winter skirt. I’ve put a selection of skirts at the bottom of my post. I am of course not talking about night time skirts because for this you can pretty much wear any skirts. There are velvet skirt, suede skirt, leather skirt, any of those material will already be warmer and give off a more winter style.

The second trick is keeping your legs warm. There are a few ways to do that. I’ve already mentioned tights but I haven’t talked about all the different types of tights. If you aren’t really sure about a skirt that might be too summery you could try wearing it with black tights. In fact I think black tights adds a lot to the outfit especially with ankle boots. Otherwise they are an amazing selection of different tights with different patterns. Tights have definitely been on trend recently, I’ve seen all kind of designs, from little hearts to a line going down the back, everyone is wearing them. Basically you can treat tights as an accessory that adds to your outfit more than anything else. Another way that I keep my legs warm is by wearing high knee boots. Not only are they super classy but they work great are keeping your legs warm and you feel less exposed. If it’s a warmer day you could just wear knee high boots but if it’s colder you could add on a pair of nude tights. Similar to how knee high boots work there are also knee high socks. They were more on trend last year but I still think they could look very good with appropriate shoes.

The third trick is coats. Long coat work better with dress because they are warmer and cover parts of the legs but also make it more winter appropriate. Otherwise any coat that balances out the bare legs would work well. You wouldn’t want to be bared legs with a light blazer on top if it’s cold outside. Faux fur coats work very well or even trench coats.


 Coat: Zara

Skirt: ASOS here

Turtleneck: Zara

Shoes: ASOS

Bag: Dior



    • Helene
      16th March 2017 / 8:20 pm

      They look amazing but are so hard to walk in, the heel is so thin!! Thanks for your lovely comment xx

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