I thought I would do the very popular what’s in my bag tag because let’s face it we all are a bit nosy and love to see what other people carry in their bag.

The bag I am currently carrying is the Celine Trapèze in Medium. Love the overall design and color plus I think it’s very useful since it has a handle and a strap.

This is what I carry in my bag:

– My iPad cause it’s a lot smaller than my Mac but I can still do a lot more than on my phone. When I’m on the train or just have extra time on the go, I can take a look at my courses on Dropbox, read books on Kindle and I kind of have most of my life on there including my agenda.

– My iPhone obviously

– My Estée Lauder makeup bag which I did a whole post about it (to read it click here)

– My Hermès wallet

– Some Soap&Glory hand food cream

– Sanitizer because I’m not a germ freak

– A pack of chewing-gum, current favorite are the Trident Senses the blue ones

– Sunglasses from Topshop



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