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I know how hard it is to not have the motivation to get yourself to the gym or to any type of sport. One year ago, I was living a pretty sedentary life and would never exercice simply because I found it boring or thought it was useless. Then, I realized that I was harming my health and my body because like it or not exercising at least every week is the key to a good health. I became so weak that even my lumbars could barely sustain my back. Not only is sport good for your health but it’s great for your mind, gets your brain and your cells oxygenated, making you think more fast and be more effective. As my exams were approaching, I decided that I would get my butt to the gym and I’ve been hooked ever since. It gives me time to focus on myself and on my body and it is so rewarding to see my progress each week. Not only that, but it helps me cope with my emotion like anger and stress. So here are some tips to get yourself motivated:


Might seem pretty obvious but it’s actually a pretty important step. When you enjoy doing something you will find it a lot easier to do it consistently. So choosing your sport wisely is important. Not everyone enjoys running outside just like not everyone likes going to the gym.


Just committing to yourself won’t work, you got to find something that will make you hold your promise. Getting a gym membership was very effective for me because since I was paying I wasn’t just going to let my money get wasted. If you like tennis or another sport enroll in a consistent class. For an extra commitment step you can actually tell some friends like this they’ll either motivate you or you will feel extra obligated to hold your promise since you told so many people.


That can be someone who simply does the same sport as you and with whom you can relate and share your difficulties or even if this person is more experienced you can get some tips from them. Or, you can find a friend to come with you on this journey. Like this when one of you don’t feel like going the other will be there to get the motivation going and it’s way more fun….!


When you’re new at something and don’t really know much about the subject, you feel more apprehensive and less good at it, so automatically you will be less drawn to coming back the next day or the next week. Get yourself online, research your sport, the techniques, the tips, read some blogs, type your questions. If you go to the gym, the internet is your best coach. You can find so many different fun routines for your specific target.


Don’t let the boring routine settle in your sport. Keeping some kind of consistent routine is good but when it’s too much the same stuff it gets less fun. Again, if you’re a gym lover, try some new machines, change up your routine, target specific parts of your body each week etc…If you do any other sport, you can change location or for example for tennis you can play against someone, against a wall, doubles etc…just get creative!


Might sound silly, but buying fun and cute gym clothes makes me seriously excited to go workout. You don’t have to spend a tone of money because lots of brands make cute clothes for quite cheap. Other fun stuff can be making a new music playlist, reading a magazine while doings abs or just watching your favorite TV series on the treadmill.


Get familiar with place where you workout and with the people that works there. Try to establish the days where you will be working out and keep the same days. If you’re going in the morning, set the alarm and put it on repeat for every week.


This will keep you going because you will know that all that hard work is not useless. I either simply track my progress visually or write the different stats such as my running time, the weight I lift, how many sets and reps I do etc…

I hope those tips will be useful. It will maybe be hard at the beginning but once you settle down and pass the first few weeks you will beggin to understand what all the working out fuss is about.

Kisses xxx


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