Maybe you’ve heard about it or maybe it’s the first time either way if you’re someone who drinks regularly from a plastic bottle, you should seriously consider other options. Plastic water bottles are usually made out of PET which may leach DEHA in your water which is a very well know carcinogen. Other bottles may contain Bisphenol A which mimics the female hormone estrogen causing brain, breast, and prostate cancer and can damage the female reproductive system and the immune system in adults. Plus, it’s a complete waste because you usually only use it once and the longer you keep re-using it the less sanitary and the more toxic it gets…

I know I’m someone who need a water bottle because I workout and cannot do without drinking every 5 min so I was very happy to stumble upon the Life Factory bottle at Whole foods in London. (as seen in the image) They are glass water bottle which are thus not toxic, washable and have a silicone surrounding so that it won’t break. I was very surprised by how light and convenient it was, and I specially liked the handle because it’s easier to grab and carry while in the gym.

Just thought I’ll let you know about my small discovery.


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